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    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Thursday morning (3 positions, 1 new):

    Good day yesterday, with commodities kicking into gear, and the 3pm-4pm index trade worked as well. I bought some SSO into the after hour sell-off, but don't have any strong bias for the morning, but I will be buying dips in stocks, should they occur. Accounts hit new all time highs on Wednesday.

    -Long SSO from $26.10...just sold (10am at $26.30)

    -Long DGP...nibbled on a little more at $12.96, for new avg. price $13.78 (still not full intended size). Stop level remains unchanged....exited some for a small gain, still holding some....sold some more at $16.40 avg price for a nice gain.

    -Long DAG...added at avg price $6.76 (near the close) for new avg. price of $7.1866....selling some at avg. price $8.19 (filled only on some so far-too illiquid)

    -Cash balances are still 50% yen/50% USD. This "trade" has performed better than expected the last several months, but I'm nearing a signal to exit the yen portion.

    Trading accounts equity less than 0.0% from all time highs set on 12/10/08. (includes open positions)


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