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    for morning of Tues. Feb. 19, 2008

    IMPORTANT: Below is what we're looking at currently, but pay attention to our UPDATES on the side of each page for actual entry/exit times and prices. Refresh pages often! You will witness our winners AND losers; something that is rare in our business.    TO VERIFY ACTUAL PRICES AND TIMES, PLEASE CLICK ON  A TICKER ENTRY TO THE RIGHT.  ALL TRADES, WHEN THEY OCCURED, ARE VIEWABLE.  

    Whenever possible, we have included the ETF symbol for those who are not experienced trading futures, etc.

    New Update:


      Friday was a wash between Sugar futures up a bit, and the AAPL loss we took. This illustrates how a trading system works. We had a losing trade in AAPL, and took the loss, but our biggest position pushes higher, and thus, our overall equity is still at all time highs. Winning systems, and traders, WILL have losses. Furthermore, the AAPL (long stock) position would have worked had we stayed in until now. That type of thinking can be very dangerous, as we still did what was called for when we exited. We even commented that Tuesday (today) could easily go in our favor, but that is NOT what the system dictates. Again, the hardest part of trading is sticking with the system, even when it's painful to do so. The key is to look at the bigger picture and realize that making money (equity at highs) is what really matters, not as much how you get there. Consistently sticking with any system that has a slight edge will work. Now we can focus on upcoming opportunities.

    This week should have some sizable moves (just a hunch). We are close to getting a sell signal triggered in Sugar futures, but if we exit, we'll still trade this from the long side in the future. Just because we get a sell trigger, doesn't mean we would short, or not get long again. It only means that for the near term we decide to stand on the sidelines. We're hoping we can stay in comfortably and it drifts higher, but the gains have been rapid and Sugar is the best performing commodity year to date. Regarding stock index and etf trades, it appears that SRS and SKF are still a bit away from triggering entry (buy) signals. AAPL of GOOG could actually trigger an entry (buy) signal today, but it's unlikely. If it should occur, we'd enter after 10 but before 11:30 am, so stay tuned. We'd like to see the indexes give a solid sell signal over the next week or so, but for now the "pressure" is to the upside. We've mentioned that the long side is slightly favored for the last 10-14 days or so, and thus the AAPL long on Friday (even though it didn't work). Continue to look for long stock ideas, if anything, in that arena. Still, commodities are where the action continues to be. Sugar up another 3% Tuesday morning, as markets concerned about a freeze in China's cane growing region. We'll let things shake out this morning, and look forward to the NEXT opportunities, so check back!

    Position update as of 8:26 am:

    Long 3 units SB (May contract avg. price .13119)

    Trading Accounts equity at ALL TIME HIGHS!


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