Today's Ideas:
    for evening of Thurs. Dec. 6, 2007

    IMPORTANT: Below is what we're looking at currently, but pay attention to our UPDATES on the side of each page for actual entry/exit times and prices. Refresh pages often! You will witness our winners AND losers; something that is rare in our business.    TO VERIFY ACTUAL PRICES AND TIMES, PLEASE CLICK ON  A TICKER ENTRY TO THE RIGHT.  ALL TRADES, WHEN THEY OCCURED, ARE VIEWABLE.  

    Whenever possible, we have included the ETF symbol for those who are not experienced trading futures, etc.

    Position update as of 6:40PM:

    We are long 2 units FXC ($Canadian avg. price $110.02)

    We are long 2 units UNG (avg. price 35.45)

    We are long 1 unit SB (Sugar avg. price .09987)

    NOTES: That's our position update including prices.  Another good day, and it looks as though our 1 thorn, the FXC (Canadian dollar) has turned the corner in our favor.  Recall it almost stopped us out yesterday.  If it continues to exhibit strength, we might even add.  Natural gas (UNG) performed well today, as did Oil (USO).   We'll look for opportunities to add to UNG, and acquire initial positions in USO, but be patient.  Our sugar trade is very long term, so no update there. 

    Going forward a few days, we are getting some interesting setups in several vehicles.  As mentioned earlier, the SRS (reverse IYR et) is looking to give us an entry, possible early next week.  This is a real "ripper" when you catch it right, so pay attention b/c we don't want to miss this one.  Also eyeing the S&P's (E-mini futures) for a setup on the short side, but it's too strong for now.  Also keep an eye out for the JPY (Japanese Yen long), and the Nikkei short setups.

    As stated before, we don't need  many vehicles, or even indicators for that matter, to be very profitable.  It should be refreshing to see us make money while keeping it very simple.  Of course there are difficult times, but our aim is to show you what we have found to be the easiest and most enjoyable was to be profitable.  Good luck tonight and tomorrow.  Check the ticker for latest trades!

    Remember that you only need a couple vehicles at any one time to make a great living as long as you manage your position sizes properly and consistently.   Focus on managing yourself and your actions, as the charts, fundamentals, and news are secondary.  This site is a work in progress, and we're open to suggestions.  We'll be posting links to interesting and pertinent articles as they arise.  Good luck and stay balanced.

    People often ask what our time frames are for each trade, and that is different for each position.  In general, however, most trades last about a week or two, BUT we  trade around the positions as you saw today.  Hence, we DO day trade at times.  We encourage any questions and comments on how to improve our site, and hope you find it useful.  This is a great business, but the learning curve can really take awhile as most successful traders don't have any reason to share ideas. This site is our way of giving back to the trading arenas, in the name of the few mentors we found that helped us along the way. Good luck.

    We can't always explain the reasoning for trades, but they are often a combination of technical, fundamental, and "gut feel". Pay attention, have fun, and make money!

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