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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    My favorite:

    By now, it should be no secret that my favorite commentator is Marc Faber. My second would be Jim Rogers.

    You have to admire a trader that can smile and laugh through all the recent turmoil. Of course, it doesn't hurt to be making money hand over fist when others are getting smoked. Mr Faber has the special ability to make the most complicated topics seem simple. Although I time my trading decisions myself, I am never comfortable being on the other side of Mr. Faber's ideas. I haven't discussed this with him, but I bet he'd agree with my thoughts on keeping a 401(k) invested in equities.

    Here are a few other "links I liked":

    -Sounds like Amex was about to get flushed?

    -This didn't get a lot of attention today, but DHL is dumping US efforts.

    -Like we couldn't see this coming from FNM! And"they" said us taxpayers would make $$$ on the deal. When this hole is finished being dug, we'll need some stellar (impossible) returns just to break even. It isn't going to happen, simply because no matter how many places you hide a turd, it's still a turd, and balance sheets are full of them.

    Slow day here, as I'm still on mini-vacation. I took my loss on the one bond trade (short), and remain flat overnight. I'll peek in tomorrow a few times to see if anything stands out.


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