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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    2.25 trillion reasons it won't work

    Regular readers know I often distinguish between trading and investing. Although I don't formulate many trade ideas from fundamental analysis, it does imply that I ignore the facts. Whether a trader uses these details in their decision making or not, I find it interesting how history repeats. The point is that everybody should know why things unfold as they do, even if it's of little use in short term trading.

    This article by Mish explains, in a nutshell, just about everything happening right now. He is another personality I pay attention to, even if I can't apply it to my trading. It still makes for great conversation!

    I'm still on the same short term strategy, due to the massive intra-day moves. I'll continue this as long as I'm outperforming my peers, but would expect things to cool some in the next week or two. I'll be sure to let readers know when I change my position sizes, and lengthen my hold times. For now, day-trading rules the day, and my vehicles of choice remain the ES, NQ, and ZB futures. Everybody should have enough on their plate with just these, so forget about individual "stories", as there is something much bigger going on.


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