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    Wednesday, September 24, 2008


    I want to thank the individuals that have emailed their comments and questions. I'll get to each in the near future, but have been focusing on the game changes, and making adjustments. The shorter hold times are serving well, and I'll continue to pull what I can from this strategy. Likewise, diving only in deeper pools is keeping fills reasonable. With quicker trading, one cannot afford much slippage, so keep that in mind before every trade.

    Let's examine the topic of changing rules, and what looked like Bernanke's panic yesterday (including Pauslon's eyes darting 20 times/second). Yes, I'm upset for the reasons which have been widely discussed in every single media venue. However, I am very confident that whatever "rules" that are adopted, I'll be able to beat the game again. In fact, my only concern is during the process of revision. At this point nobody can know what shakes out. Of course we can assign probabilities and likelihoods, but nothing is guaranteed. I look forward to getting the "new regime" in place, so that participants will return, and we can look for new opportunities. Lots of recent whining (me included) ignores the fact that we we're always playing a "rigged" game (think specialists, "market makers"), we were just comfortable with the rule set. It might take ahwhile, but sooner or later we'll have a new game, with winners and losers, just like always. Until then, stay quick and only go diving in deep pools of liquidity.

    Today I'll keep my eye on the JPY, Treasury bonds, S&P 500, NQ, and Gold futures.


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