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    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Not much traction, yet.

    Since my positions have not followed through to large gains lately, I've been keeping the sizes small. Regardless of the size, however, I still use the same stop price I would if I had more substantial positions. The swings in P+L should remain subdued even though the markets are twisting and bending. Volatility has crept back into most asset classes, and traders need to address this fact in their systems.

    Specific signals are close at hand, and I'll continue to act on each. If the agricultural commodities can stabilize, I will add to Corn futures, and possibly Soybeans. DBA and DAG are two etfs traders might consider, if they are unfamiliar with futures. With regard to Natural gas, there is a short term signal to buy, but a more significant long term signal is setting up. That said, if UNG continues much lower today, I'll be stopped out of my token position. It is my belief that the great commodity rally we're witnessing is occurring for many reasons which will continue for the foreseeable future. The weak dollar is not going to turn higher in any substantial way, nor is real estate in the clear. Most of all, supply and demand in the BIG picture, continues to support higher prices. Lastly, investment dollars flow to the best performing asset classes. Who would have thought commodities would be considered the safest class. I can't recall ever feeling more secure in commodities than I would in GE stock, until recently!

    Perhaps I'll have a signal to add to EWZ, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Instead, I'm treading carefully, as I'm up one day, down the next, and just ever so slightly making progress. It's been a grind, but it's been very interesting, and this is still the best endeavor in the world, IMO.

    Take a peek at what Bill Gross has to say about the $USD and interest rates. I think he has it just about right. Good luck, and keep your powder dry so that you are in position to capitalize when "better" markets prevail.

    * Yes, trading accounts equity briefly touched all time high territory late yesterday afternoon. Today's mark on the open (lower) should more than make up for the progress, so the net effect continues to be one step forward, one step back!


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