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    Friday, June 27, 2008

    Back in the saddle

    Although I take time off from the markets, I always keep an eye out for setups. If there isn't a new post for a day or two, please keep an eye on the ticker where I report my trades. I'll always make comments on what I do, even if I don't write a post explaining why. Sometimes there just isn't that much to share!

    One great thing about this business is that it allows for spontaneity. You can travel when, and just about wherever you choose, and still make progress. I've had a few decent trades in the last week or so, but look forward to a more "predictable" market. It still feels like crosscurrents would be hurting my typical strategies, so I've been waiting for better risk/reward setups. One frustrating issue is that we're close to some significant longer term signals (my favorite), yet I'm getting some conflicting signals in the short run. It has been my experience that standing aside for clarity is better than forcing a trade. As an example, I'm looking for an initial entry to short treasury bonds. I am very close on the short term, but need more confirmation for the "several month" trade. It's entirely possible I am short bonds for a few days, then close out the trade, looking to re-enter again. It all goes back to our discussion on specific timeframes.

    Let's review my potential setups. Short term, I could be short bonds, long MTU, long EWZ, long IFN, long gold/silver, and long grains. Longer term, I am getting a signal to be long yen (which I already am in cash balances) futures, and I'll look to buy commodities on pullbacks. In addition, I am looking to short stocks, but not at these levels, so that signal needs time to present.

    I'll have much more to contribute once things return to "normal". As always, please check the ticker, as I will inform readers of all actions, even if I don't have much to share on a full post.

    Interesting to see Sam Zell hit a bump in the road. He has the distinction of being the "best timer", for his perfect sale of real estate at the top. I mean THE top, as IYR was at the exact all time high!


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