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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Morning update

    I'm just checking in to let readers know where I stand this week. All the ideas in the last few posts are still valid. I won't be "home", in my own surroundings, for at least 2 more days. In the meantime, I'll peek in at the important times of day to start initiating my trades in IYR short (or SRS long), IWM short (or TWM long), and continue to slowly step into a few commodities including Sugar, Coffee, Cotton, Silver, and/or Wheat. That's not to say I'll get active in all the names, so keep an eye on the ticker for actual trades and times.

    I'm also looking for longer term signals in Treasury bonds (short) and well as the JPY (yen long). I don't expect to get involved in these futures this week, but with all the economic news, we might have a catalyst. The headlines that might give a window for action start today, with the Consumer Confidence number out at 10 am.

    I'll try to check in as much as possible, but I appreciate your patience for the next couple days. This week is an important one to accumulate positions for the next move. Expect large moves for the next 2 weeks, starting Wednesday at the latest. Market participants on both sides will get active after the FED announcement, although I typically wait until the next morning to put on substantial positions. Good luck!


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