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    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    Afternoon update

    SDS is working, as stocks are generally lower. Now that we have some traction, I'm looking for signals to add. Check the "ticker" on the right side of the site for exact price and times as they get posted immediately after a fill. When reading blogs/websites like this one, ask yourself if the information is specific and useful? This also applies to CNBC and market "experts" that always seem to be making money. Do they really? A reader cannot tell until he follows, in real time, as the trades are made. I do watch CNBC, but I don't allow it to influence my trades (or I try not to). I often think traders would have better results if they limited or ignored the news and experts altogether! Basically, a prediction means absolutely nothing without an expected time frame attached. I guarantee an idea will go both up and down, but "DID YOU MAKE MONEY?" is ALL that matters. As Gerald Loeb stated, great traders "practice price objectivity", which is to say they are flexible. Avoid getting "married" to an idea at all costs, but especially because the "experts" said something. Without the specific time attached, the prognostication is useless for trading purposes, even if it eventually proves correct. The time between now and "eventually", can put a trader out of business.

    On the commodity front, the grains are up sharply. The long side trade is intact, and should be respected. I'm hoping I'm not stopped out of the WEAT etf tomorrow, and I'm looking to add Sugar, and more to the COTN position.

    Pay attention to the JPY futures (yen), as that trade is intact, even though I missed it by a few ticks. I'll also look for this to present another solid risk/reward entry point to hop on. Again, I would ONLY be long or flat the Yen, but not short.

    Let's see if I get the opportunity to add to winners this afternoon.


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