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    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Afternoon update

    Well, I had to watch the QLD fly higher along with the general stock market. As usual, I'm prepared to trade either side of this range bound market, but I feel it might be too early to short and too late to buy. Let's see what 2:30 pm brings, as it'll be our only possible setup to get long, if it occurs at all. On days like today, it's good to remind myself I don't trade for action, but for my living. Not to worry, the upside in stocks is seriously contained in the bigger picture. Tomorrow will either let me get long at a good risk/reward point, or get me closer to where I want to get short (stocks). In other words, if stocks continue higher, I'll hop on the next signal to short stocks via the 2x inverse etfs like SRS and SKF. (see chart)

    Notice bonds getting hammered again (3 days in a row), while commodities hold up nicely. I'll remind readers to keep focused on their program and the major themes. This makes it much easier to see the forest through the trees. Many traders get frustrated in these type markets, but in actuality there are great opportunities. Just because I came close to getting an entry signal, but didn't get it before they blasted off, doesn't mean the moves aren't happening. I remain focused, balanced, and ready for any signal my system triggers.
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