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    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Afternoon update

    Today we hopped on a signal to get long stocks (QLD). We got long even though we don't like the fundamentals of the US economy, as a signal is a signal. The trade worked decently, and we exited close to our target. Regarding stocks, I'll be very nimble and use shorter hold times, especially when trading the long side. We remain in a consolidation range and volatility is tempered.
    I also bid for more of the COTN etf on the London Stock Exchange. I received a partial fill at $2.71 and continue to look to add. Over the next several days, I suspect we'll see signals to get long Silver, Corn, Coffee and perhaps the opportunity to add to our current Wheat positions. Longer term, I think Sugar and Natural Gas will be big winners, too.
    Tomorrow I'll look to trade stocks primarily from the long side, and perhaps Treasuries from the short (if they signal). I've increased position sizes slightly for new positions, as a function of reduced volatility. I'll share specific names and ideas in the morning after we see how foreign markets act. Keep and eye on the JPY (yen) long, and Treasury bonds (short) for setups in a longer term theme.

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